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Our bottles are made from recycled PET Plastic which is fully recyclable.

We have chosen PET Plastic as PET plastic is practical and also has some benefits in terms of sustainability over glass.

Energy efficiency: Producing PET plastic requires less energy than producing glass. This means that fewer fossil fuels are used and fewer greenhouse gases are emitted during the production process.

Transportation: PET plastic is much lighter than glass, so it takes less energy to transport it from the manufacturing facility to retailers and consumers. This is important as it adds up quickly over hundreds of bottles.

Recycling: PET plastic is easily recyclable. It can be melted down again and again to its original resin and remolded into new products. It doesn't degrade when recycled, which conserves energy and reduces the need for raw materials.

Longevity: PET plastic is more durable than glass, which means it is less likely to break and has a longer useful life.

We acknowledge that whether it be glass or plastic, both have limitations in terms of sustainability. We try to encourage buying in bulk and reusing bottles and tins where possible.

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